Application Security Services

Application Security Penetration Testing, SDLC Security Consulting, Startup Security Health Check, and Application Security Training

Application Security Testing

Application Security Assessment or Application Pentest aims to find vulnerabilities that malicious actors could exploit to steal confidential data or abuse the application’s business logic.

Unlike many service providers, we do not limit our effort to using vulnerability scanners. These results are incomplete and often miss critical findings.

We use an ever up-to-date bag of hacking tricks to apply only relevant security tests and guarantee the highest quality of results without false positives.

Application Security Training

Application Security Awareness Training is the basis for secure development culture. The OWASP SAMM framework recommends it as a starting point of a successful software security program.

We have developed a training program that focuses on critical software security practices. During five 3-hour sessions, we help development teams build a solid understanding of fundamental security engineering principles and secure development practices. After the training, software developers, QA and DevOps engineers, and project managers have the optimal awareness and role-specific security knowledge.

Application Security Consulting

To help clients quickly and effectively build Software Security into development processes, we use the OWASP Software Assurance Maturity Model (SAMM) framework. We also provide outsourcing for Application Security practices within the SDLC.

We help you build and run the following security practices: Education and Guidance, Threat Assessment, Security Architecture, Secure Build, Secure Deployment, Security Testing, Incident Management, and Environment Management.

We help you select relevant security practices for your development teams. We then help implement those practices or provide them as a service.

Startup Security Healthcheck

Most startups do not focus on cybersecurity. From an economic perspective, this is only logical. The startup success rate is low, and with this risk in mind, it is wiser to delay the sunk cost of security spending and focus on the stuff that matters instead.

This approach, although justifiable early in the business lifecycle, causes many troubles once the startup reaches success. Building security into the products later is more complicated, more expensive, and could harm software efficiency.

We help startups prepare for their future security challenges by conducting a Threat Modeling session and performing an Application Pentest of the MVP. For Ukrainian startups, we do it pro bono.


The team took a meticulous approach, which helped inspire confidence in the relationship. By the first day of tests, Berezha Security found and resolved a mid-level security risk that was previously unknown. They also suggested ways to address minor issues without negatively affecting end customers.

Roger Graves

Co-founder & CTO, Cloverpop, Inc.

The thorough, detailed audit helped eliminate system flaws and increase customer confidence. Berezha Security stayed in constant contact so that issues could be addressed in real time. Their professionalism, clear reporting, and extensive knowledge of the industry made the partnership strong.

Léa Moreau

Product Owner, SRXP

Berezha Security led training sessions on application security to help raise awareness on our team and integrate secure development practices into the software development life cycle. It helped us understand more about application security, and we made a plan for further security development.

Alex Tkachyk

Software Architect, HelloFlex

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