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Berezha Security was founded in 2014 and provides Penetration Testing services. Penetration Test (pentest) is a controlled simulation of a real-life cyber attack that reveals the actual state of organization's information security and its ability to withstand an intrusion with minimal losses.

Berezha Security was established by the most experienced Ukrainian Information Security experts. In our work we use only reliable, proven methodologies and tools, some of which we have created ourselves. Because of our own know-how and experience we were able to significantly reduce the cost of our works and offer our customers high quality services for a perfectly balanced price. It is easy to determine the pentest cost and duration using the calculator that is publicly available on the Berezha Security website.

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Berezha Security provides Penetration Testing services, Social Engineering Audits, Continuous Security Assessments, Vulnerabilities Remediation, and conducts exclusive trainings on Personnel Security Awareness.

Penetration Test

Penetration Test (pentest): identifying the weaknesses in information security systems that may cause substantial harm to organization's interests.

During the pentest we imitate an attack very similar to the real hacking activities and as a result we answer the question whether the organization is ready to defend itself against it. However, unlike the real cyber-attack, during the pentest the organization has an opportunity to control the testing process and obtain a detailed report about all identified vulnerabilities along with the detailed recommendations on their remediation.

An effective contemporary pentest includes security assessment of IT infrastructure, security testing of important applications and business systems, as well as challenging the ability of personnel to confront social engineering attacks.

Social Engineering Audit

Contemporary cyber-attacks widely use the human factor of security along with the vulnerability of software and IT systems, since the weakest link of security system usually are PC users: organization's employees, bookkeepers, software developers, system administrators and even top managers.

Every company could happen to have careless, distracted or disgruntled employees, or even malicious insiders. The perpetrator's communications with the victim company's employees via social networks, email, or by phone can cause no less damage than a powerful DDoS attack.

Social Engineering audit reveals how organization's employees can withstand contemporary sophisticated methods of professional attackers.

Methods and tools

Unlike the majority of our competition, we are not limited to the use of generally accepted penetration testing methodologies, such as OWASP standards and guidelines, Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), OSSTMM etc. Instead, we have developed our own penetration testing methodology, that effectively applies the leading industry standards, expanded and amended by our own improvements. Contact us to know more!

Why Berezha Security?

We founded Berezha Security to provide high-quality information security services to everyone who needs them.

We believe that cyber-securty is the right for all, not the privilege of the few.

  • Co-founders and experts of Berezha Security have more than 15 years of experience in penetration testing for Ukrainian and international clients in the banking, industry, trade, agriculture, and other areas.
  • Perfectly balances price. Open price calculation system available to everyone on our website. Flexible discount system exists for regular customers and partners.
  • Exclusively high quality of service provisioning and responsibility for the timeliness of their completion.
  • Berezha Security guarantees the execution of works by the highly qualified experts holding the prestigious Offensive Security Certified Professional credentials.
  • The most modern, verified penetration testing methods and tools.
  • We believe that using Social Engineering techniques is an integral part of a complete pentest.
Certified Information Systems Auditor | Secutity Professionals | Certified Ethical Hacker | Offensive Security

Cooperation with Berezha Security

Berezha Security offers favorable conditions for partners and attractive loyalty program for regular customers

Loyalty program

Open, transparent calculation of price and works duration on the Berezha Security website.

Free re-test of fixed vulnerabilities within two months after the completion of the initial pentest.

-15% discount for the second and all following orders.

Profitable partnership

-25% discount for the partners who are willing to take responsibility for all contractual and financial relations with end customers.

10% commission of the contract value for partners who facilitate successful deals.

All loyalty program conditions apply to partners' contracts.


Fix the vulnerabilities and demand a free re-test! The price includes one re-test within two months after the completion of the initial penetration test. Following re-tests are provided at 25% of the initial price.

Attention, regular clients! The second and all following pentests are provided to you with the -15% discount.

  1. Select the type(s) of pentest interesting to you.
  2. Enter the parameters of selected pentests.
  3. Specify whether there is a need to perform works on-site. (Notice: the price does not include travel, accommodation, and other additional costs).
  4. Specify whether you need an additional copy of the report in English, Ukrainian, or Russian (original report language is agreed in the beginning of the project).
  5. Obtain the result: estimated duration in working days and the price in US dollars. (Settlements with Ukrainian clients are carried out at the interbank selling exchange rate on the day of invoicing.)
  6. Reach out to us to agree on formalities, draft the contract, and agree on the start date of the project. Contracting with Berezha Security usually takes 1-2 days.
  7. Meanwhile, you can download, fill in, and send us the Penetration Test Engagement Letter.
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Our team

Berezha Security team consists of experienced professionals that have tens of pentests and other information security projects behind them. To be honest we can say that we are capable to solve the most difficult and seemingly impossible tasks.

Kos Korsun

Kos Korsun


As former deputy head of Cybercrime Division at Security Service of Ukraine, Kostyantyn was one of the founders and the first head of CERT-UA. After resigning from the service, Kos acted as Regional Director for Ukrainian Research Office of iSIGHT Partners, international cyber threat intelligence company.

Currently, Kos combines numerous roles in Ukrainian cyber security community, including his Chairmanship for NGO Ukrainian Information Security Group and strategic leadership for Berezha Security.

Andrey Loginov

Andrey Loginov

VP, Business Development

Andrey is an expert in the field of cyber security and telecommunications with more than 15 years of experience in numerous international endeavors. Andrey acted as CTO and Solution Architect at Internet Service Providers, telco operators, and system integration companies.

At Berezha, Andrey is aimed at our business success, constant growth, and engaging new clients and commercial opportunities.

Vlad Styran


Director of Operations

Vlad is an internationally known infosec expert with 10+ years of experience in Penetration Testing, Security Audit and Consulting. Vlad currently holds OSCP, CISSP, and CISA credentials and was certified as C|EH, ISO27001LA, and many more throughout his career. Vlad often speaks at infosec conferences on the topics of Social Engineering threats and Penetration Testing methods and techniques.

At Berezha, Vlad is responsible for resource management and delivery of high quality security services.


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And finally…

We are deeply concerned with the shortage of expertise and service quality in the information security industry. We’ve been in pentesting, network security, and incident response for quite a while, so we’ve decided to join our efforts and bring high quality security services into the market.

To help our clients access the best skill in the industry, we leverage the power of the community we have helped grow while working together on creating UISGCON, the largest infosec conference in Ukraine.

We think it is pretty cool and quite fun. Join up!