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Cyber Security

Berezha Security is a Ukrainian cybersecurity company focused on Offensive Security and Security Awareness.

Berezha is on a mission of providing top quality cybersecurity services while keeping them affordable for the broadest range of customers.

We help our clients improve their security posture by applying our expertise in Software Security, Penetration Testing, Bug Bounties, and Security Audit.

We are always happy to share our knowledge and take part in developing the Ukrainian cybersecurity community.

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Berezha Security provides Penetration Testing, Social Engineering, Software Security, and Security Awareness services. We also help our clients establish and improve Application Security and Bug Bounty programs.

Offensive Security

Penetration Test (pentest): measuring the organization's cybersecurity posture by testing its response to a real-world cyber-attack simulation.

Software Security Assessment: reviewing the software source code and/or operations to find security weaknesses and provide recommendations on how to fix them.

Bug Bounty Program: helping the organization's software development process to benefit from a cost-effective security crowd-sourcing phenomenon.

Security Awareness

Security Awareness Program: transforming the organization's personnel from "the weakest link" to an efficient cybersecurity countermeasure.

Social Engineering Assessment: measuring personnel resistance to contemporary cyber-threats that employ powerful influence methods and exploit inherent human weaknesses.

Application Security Program: training software developers, testers, and project managers to produce secure code in a business-effective way.

Methods and Tools

In our work, we use the most efficient contemporary cybersecurity standards and guidelines, such as OWASP documentation projects, PTES technical guidelines, OSSTMM, etc.

But unlike the majority of our competitors, we do not restrict ourselves to generally accepted cybersecurity methodologies, and constantly improve our vision of how security should be built, improved, tested, and measured.

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Why Berezha Security?

We founded Berezha Security to make high-quality cybersecurity services available to everyone who needs and values them.

We believe that cybersecurity is a right for all, not a privilege of a few.

  • Berezha experts have more than 15 years of experience in penetration testing, security audit, bounty hunting, and application security.
  • We have experience working with clients in IT, internet, banking, agriculture, legal services, industry, oil and gas, and many other areas in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Perfectly balanced price, a flexible discount system for regular clients, and professional liability insurance.
  • We aim at ultimate quality, timeliness of delivery, and minimal impact on our clients' operations.
  • Berezha quality is backed by highly qualified experts who hold the most prestigious professional certificates.
  • We use only relevant and verified cybersecurity methodologies, techniques, and tools.
  • We believe that improving resistance to Social Engineering is an integral part of any security program.
Certified Information Systems Auditor | Secutity Professionals | Certified Ethical Hacker | Offensive Security

Partnership with Berezha

Berezha Security offers an attractive loyalty program for returning customers and favorable conditions for business partnership.

Loyalty program

The open and transparent formula for calculation of estimated price and duration of works.

Free re-test of fixed security weaknesses within two months after the completion of the initial assessment.

-15% discount for the second and all consequent orders.

Profitable partnership

-25% discount for the partners who are willing to take responsibility for all contractual and financial relations with customers.

10% contract value commission for partners who facilitate successful deals.

Loyalty program conditions do not apply to partners' contracts.

Our clients' testimonials

Eight out of ten our clients return in the future and with some of them, we establish long term partnership.

You can read our customer reviews on Clutch.

Our team

Berezha Security team consists of experienced professionals that have tens of cybersecurity projects behind them. We can say that we are capable to solve the most difficult and seemingly impossible tasks.

Kos Korsun

Kos Korsun

Executive Director

As former deputy head of Cybercrime Division at Security Service of Ukraine, Kostyantyn was one of the founders and the first head of CERT-UA. After resigning from the service, Kos acted as Regional Director for Ukrainian Research Office of iSIGHT Partners, international cyber threat intelligence company.

Currently, Kos combines numerous roles in Ukrainian cyber security community, including his Chairmanship for NGO Ukrainian Information Security Group and strategic leadership for Berezha Security.

Andriy Varusha

Andriy Varusha


Andriy is an accomplished manager with 10+ years of experience in various industry verticals. He has started his carrier in IT Audit and Consulting, and continued in Enterprise IT and Software Development outsourcing industry. Andriy has experience of leading customer relationships within US, UK, and Western Europe geographies, being responsible for distributed teams and different scale permanent engagements.

Andriy has stood at the root of the Ukrainian cybersecurity professional community and has joined Berezha to advance his contribution into the development of the infosec industry.

Vlad Styran


Director of Operations

Vlad is an internationally known infosec expert with 10+ years of experience in Penetration Testing, Security Audit and Consulting. Vlad currently holds OSCP, CISSP, and CISA credentials and was certified as C|EH, ISO27001LA, and many more throughout his career. Vlad often speaks at infosec conferences on the topics of Social Engineering threats and Penetration Testing methods and techniques.

At Berezha, Vlad is responsible for resource management and delivery of high quality security services.


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And finally…

We are deeply concerned with the shortage of expertise and service quality in the information security industry. We have been in pentesting, network security, and incident response for quite a while, so we have decided to join our efforts and bring high-quality security services into the market.

To help our clients access the best skill in the industry, we leverage the power of the community we have helped grow while working together on creating UISGCON and NoNameCon, the largest cybersecurity conferences in Ukraine.

We think it is pretty cool and quite fun. Join us!