OK, it is time for an announcement. We’ve been working hard this week preparing the Berezha Security Group annual report. Among other things, it contains the technical data about the vulnerabilities we found last year.

We are planning to release the report to our clients next Tuesday. But before that, we decided to play a little game. It is so simple that everyone can join. Just answer four questions in the form and get a chance to win the prize: a famous YubiKey security token https://www.yubico.com/.

So, the question is:
How many vulnerabilities Berezha Security Group found in 2020, and how this number drops down by risk level?

Here is a hint:
Overall, we did 50 projects.

To enter the contest, fill in this Google Form. The form closes on Tuesday, at 10:00 Kyiv time. BSG employees cannot take part in this survey.