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Free Startup Security Health Check

Startup Security Health Check - a free consulting day from Berezha Security for Ukrainian* startups. We decided to offer a one-day workshop to Ukrainian startups to test their security level. Free of charge. The thing with startups is not that they do not spend money...

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The Difference Between Organization and Product Security

Among Ukrainian organizations, we get the most requests from IT companies, and in this post, I want to talk about some accumulated experience. Quite possibly, it will be useful to other organizations in this business, and maybe organizations from other sectors. So if you know a CIO/CTO from an IT-firm, show them this text. It was written for them.

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Kostiantyn Korsun – “State Cybersecurity vs. Cybersecurity of the State. #FRD Lessons.” at NoNameCon

Kostiantyn Korsun has opened this year’s Nonamecon conference with the talk titled “State Cybersecurity vs. Cybersecurity of the State. #FRD Lessons.” During his speech, Kostiantyn shared his own impressions of the #FRD campaign and its results and also summarizes a survey of several dozen well-known cybersecurity practitioners of Ukraine on the causes, motives, and effects of the operation.

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New reference on Clutch: a SaaS HR solution

It was a really exciting experience to provide an application security assessment to a SaaS HR solution, that operates in Silicon Valley. Taking into account the highly sensitive nature of the involved personal data and the high-tech product engineering approach, we must admit that this was one of the most complicated challenges we faced since starting up Berezha Security. Big thanks to our customers for ambitious goals and great references!

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Стан професії кібербезпеки в Україні (результати опитування)

«Стан професії 2019: дослідження спільноти кібербезпеки» є подією унікальною, а зібрані дані — достатньо правдиві та релевантні. Чому, питаєте? Тому що в опитуванні взяли участь 250 спеціалістів з кібербезпеки. За різними суб’єктивними оцінками, в Україні таких людей від 3–4 тис. до 7–8 тис., але це не точно. Тому що, знов ж таки, правдивої статистики з цього питання немає.

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