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Threat Modeling Playbook released by Toreon

Toreon, a security consulting company, announced a release of an open-source Threat modeling playbook, incorporating OWASP best practices. Threat Modeling topic is also a part of Berezha Security training for developers, which may be a good support in your adventure in the threat modeling implementation journey.

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Serhii Korolenko participated in an EdCamp event

Serhii Korolenko, a Senior Application Security Consultant at Berezha Security, participated recently as a speaker in an EdCamp event, giving an awareness presentation on personal cybersecurity – “How not to become a cyber-victim.”

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Strategic Cyber Security Awareness

Berezha Security announces a special edition of our Security Awareness Training, specifically for the higher-level managers – Strategic Cybersecurity Awareness Training. The syllabus focuses on the strategic understanding of modern threats, the mechanics of cyberattacks, and the business value of cybersecurity.

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A clutch with your customer: how to gain on customer feedbacks

Anyone who has to deal with potential customers happens to get requests for references. And one knows how tricky it may be to provide them securely. Especially in such a sensitive industry as application security. How can you show the world that your customers are satisfied with your work and not upset your customers by doing this at the same time?

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